Saturday, February 26, 2011

Exterior Maintenance Being Performed

After decades of owning 837 Hudson, the day has finally come where the exposed bricks need repointing! A few months ago, a mystery leak started appearing in the ceiling of 2nd front.  The roof was checked and there was not evidence of a leak.  The problem persisted and Jetco Exterior Maintenace Company was called in.  Upon examination from ground level, the inspector noticed several things that were not quite obvious.  The contract was issued to perform the work on the 9th Street side (complete as of 10-22-16) and another contract was issued to finish the work at the front of the house and along the neighbor's side.  Scope of work includes repointing, caulking, repair of cornice & painting, etc. The back of the house and half the far side is painted brick; which was repainted only a few years ago, and remains in good repair.