Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Iota Chapter Suspended due to Bogus Covid violation

As of September 2020, our chapter has been suspended due to an alleged Covid policy violation.

This suspension will last for one year, and although the brothers can still live in the house, the one punishment that affects us the most is that we cannot rush new members for the Spring 2021 semester. This may not be so bad, as the way things are going, there may not be a rush anyway.

2020 Projects

2020 was a busy year!  We installed a new boiler to replace the one installed in 1990, and also sleeved the chimney. The 15 year old stove was replaced with a state-of-the art Southland model. 2nd front windows were replaced and a new keypad-style lockset was installed on the front door (to match the one installed in 2019 on the back door). A new refrigerator was purchased for the commissary closet as well.