Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Iota Association Meeting February 2, 2005

The Iota Association met at the house back in February for the first meeting of the semester. There was a good turnout with all of the current Iota Association members in attendance and around 20 brothers overall. You can read the summary of the meeting here:

At the Alumni Meeting on February 2, the Iota Association met for the first time this semester.   In attendance were all of the officers of the iota association, with Ed Giacobbe, Jose Abrantes, Kevin McDermott, and Dave Battaglia all present.   Also in attendance were: Tom Stark, Bryan Davis, Pat McCabe, Rob Aiello (Current President), John Matos, Steve Lapitka, Chris Lubin, Chris Cole, Dexter Cook, Kevin Lee, Nick Altomare, Ted Gianopoulos, Bill Nyquist, and Brian Treacy.

Alumni Report:

Ed Giacobbe (President)

  • Roof Repair-complete!
  • Alarm system-flowchart (scan of the flow chart coming soon)
  • Trash Issue
  • Read and know mission statements!
  • Broken windows (to be paid by undergrads): $175 sidelight, $235 front door. Iota will pay for the front Chapter Room Window - $245.

Jose Abrantes (VP) : No report listed

Kevin McDermott (Treasurer)

  • Trash court appearance
  • Rent!

Dave Battaglia (Secretary) : No report listed

Undergrad Report:

Robert Aiello (President)

  • Brotherhood update/New Brothers
  • Alarm Situation?

Steve Lapitka (Treasurer)

  • Collections - current financial situation
  • Money Owed?
  • Bills Current?

Chris Cole (HM)

  • Get house clean and throw out the trash
  • Current condition of house/problems to be fixed?
  • Additional Projects to be done?
  • Work assignments getting done?
  • Do brothers know what a work assignment is and each jobs requirements?