Thursday, March 31, 2005

Iota Association Meeting March 8, 2005


The Iota Association met again this semester in March. You can read a list of the discussed topics here:

Alumni Report:

Ed Giacobbe (President)

  • Received final $ from State loan
  • Alarm system-flowchart (scan of the flow chart coming soon)
  • Trash Issue-getting better
  • Read and know mission statements!
  • Inspection by Hoboken Fire Department-many minor fives

Jose Abrantes (VP) : No report listed

Kevin McDermott (Treasurer)

  • Trash court appearance
  • Rent!

Dave Battaglia (Secretary) : No report listed

Undergrad Report:

Robert Aiello (President)

  • Brotherhood update/New Brothers
  • Alarm Situation?

Steve Lapitka (Treasurer)

  • Collections - current financial situation
  • Money Owed?
  • Bills Current?

Chris Cole (HM)

  • Barroom facelift
  • Current condition of house/problems to be fixed?
  • Additional Projects to be done?
  • Work assignments getting done?